Fenton Lakes Sportsman’s Club

Dual PPC Match

(Combat and Service Matches)


Dates:          April 2nd                                   Wednesday    Range times are 5pm9pm

                     April 4th                                    Friday             Range times are 5pm9pm

                     April 5th                                    Saturday        Range times are 9am5pm

                     April 6th                                    Sunday           Range times are 9am3pm


Location:     Fenton Lakes Sportsman’s Club. 1140 Butcher Rd. Fenton Michigan 48430. 810-629-7964.


Eligibility:    Anyone familiar with the standard PPC Course.


Fees:            $40.00 (US Funds) for the first Match and $20.00(US funds) for the second Match.  There will be no pre-registration.  Fees include banquet.

                     Extra meal tickets will be $10.00.


Course:       Course of fire will be the same for both the Standard Match and the Service Match – 60 rounds each.  Indoor 50’ PPC course using B-27R targets.  Stage 1 will consist of 12 rounds fired in 20 seconds.  Scoring will be done using the Lewis system.

                     Challenges will cost $5.00 and the Match Director’s decision will be final.  The “B” target will break all ties.

                     There must be at least 1 line between matches for dual match shooters.


Equipment: Standard Match-Revolver/Pistol and other accessories.  Eye and ear protection mandatory and must be supplied by the competitor.

                     No high speed or magnum ammo.  Semi-Auto shooters must have at least 4 magazines.  Service Match-semi automatics with

                     barrels of 5” or less and revolvers with barrel lengths of 4” or less.  There will be no compensators or optics allowed.

                     Any questionable equipment must be cleared with the Match Director.


Awards:     The Lewis system will be used to determine the winners in each of five classes:


                    Combat and Service Matches (five classes):

                                                                              1st place (each class): Springfield 1911 .45

                                                                              2nd place (each class):  TBD

                                                                              3rd Place (each class):  Electronic Quick-Access Safe


 Aggregate (five classes):      1st place (each class):  Springfield 1911 .45

                                              2nd place (each class):  TBD (to be determined)

                                              3rd place (each class):  Electronic Quick-Access Safe


·         2 gun max award per winner.*


Banquet:     To be held in the FLSC Banquet hall.  Sunday April 6, 2008.  Dinner will be served at 5pm. As always Squeals on Wheels will be

                     serving dinner!  Please shoot early. Help us enjoy our shoot and eat on time!


·        Additional drawing for a Springfield .45 for all that shoot both the Combat and service matches.


·        Shoot early (Wednesday, Friday or Saturday) and be entered in a drawing for a Springfield 1911 - .45


·        Additional drawing for all female shooters for Springfield 1911 - .45. 


Special awards will be given for High Canadian and High Female.


                     * Winner of firearms must have FFL and/or fill out proper forms.  Only Canadians will get cash option.   


No alcohol allowed in the range level at any time during the Match.


Questions:     Bernie O’Brien (248) 535-3380 or Marla Lekarczyk  midiversified@msn.com or (810) 599-6403


Bring your shotgun and visit our new automated sporting clays course.  Match Shooters shoot at Member Cost on Match days.