Police Pistol Combat Match


   Dates            Friday, February 27th 2009, 9:00am – 5:00pm

       &                  Saturday, February 28th 2009, 9:00am – 8:00pm

   Times:           Sunday, March 1st 2009, 9:00am – 3:30pm

                            (3:30pm is the cut off for Registration)


Location       The Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club

      And            4770 Waterford Rd.

 Banquet      Clarkston, Mi 48346,     Phone    # 248-623-0444

      Info:          Shooting in the indoor range, the Banquet will be In the Main

                           Hall, dinner will be served at 5:00pm, Extra meal tickets are

                           Available at registration. Must be present to win door prizes.


Eligibility:   Open to all shooters 18 years or older who Are familiar with

                           The standard indoor PPC Course of fire.

                                         (Please try to shoot early)


   Fees:            $45.00 for the PPC match, $25.00 for the Service Match.

                           “The service match may only be shot if you

                           Also shoot the PPC Match”


Course          Standard indoor 60rnd. PPC course of fire,

      Of               fired at a B27 reduced target. 50 foot range.

    Fire:            (the service match will also be a 60rnd. Match)

                           No sight-ins or pre-shooting.


Scoring:       Will be done by club staff, with a $1.00 fee for

                           A Protest, the B target will be used to break ties.


Equipment:  Revolvers/semi-autos & other equipment allowed

                           By NRA rules, eye and ear protection is mandatory.

                           No high speed or magnum ammo. The Service match

                           Must be shot with a 4” revolver or a 5” semi-auto.

                           You must have no less than 4 speed loaders or

                           Magazines. The Range master has final say on all

                           Questions, Ammunition shall be provided by the


Awards:       1st place Glock 40 cal. Model 22, 5 classes

Classes:       2nd place Dillon square deal B reloading press in 38 cal.

    PPC             3rd place Joe DeVoll custom made hunting knife

Awards:        this is a cash match with 50% being returned

Service:        to the winners of five classes and three places.

                              “There will not be an aggregate match”

                          All prizes not claimed within 30 days are forfeit to the club”

 Raffle:        1st a Springfield, M1A socom 308 cal. Rifle.

                          2nd A Dillon reloading press in 38 cal.

                          3rd A one year full membership to the Oakland county

                          Sportsmen’s club. “Only 500 tickets will be sold”

Questions:  contact Bruce Micheals at 248-390-8789 or Don Demeniuk 248-299-4313