2009 QUAD 1500




LOCATION:                         Fenton Sportsman Club, Butcher Rd. Fenton, Mi. 


TIME:                                    9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Registration will close at 3 PM)


DATE:                                   Saturday and Sunday June 27 & 28, 2009


ELIGIBILITY:                    Eligibility under rule 2.1 and 2.4 of the current N R A, PPC Rule Book.



RULES:                                 All firing will be governed by current NRA, PPC Rules.

                                                Chief Range Officer or will decide challenges, questions and equipment. 


FEES:                                     $20.00 for one or $35.00 for two 1500’s. $10.00 for each match after the Double 1500.


CLASSES:                            Lewis system will be used.


EQUIPMENT:                      NRA Police Pistol Combat rules will be in effect.  Ammunition will be of

                                                Hand or factory loaded 32 caliber or larger.

                                                No high speed or magnum ammo allowed.

                                                Questionable equipment will be governed and decided by match Officials


COURSE OF FIRE:             Complete NRA National Police Course including aggregate. 

                                                Matches will be fired on B 27 E Targets.


CONTACT                            John Ousnamer    (248) 320-0733   

PERSONS:                            Milt Williams        (248) 459-8763 or 248-255-3679




Refreshments and a light lunch will be available at the range.



Please post these matches on your calendar.  This will be the only flyer you will receive.