Fall, 2007


Michigan Police Combat Pistol Association



Please email me with any questions, feedback, info that you may have;

Milt Williams



Chris Jones recently took over as the MPCPA stat officer. He is already doing “one-hell-of-a-job” and we look forward to getting these updated more quickly in the future.



Please visit the website, and check on the upcoming match and banquet dates.  



Sorry for the long delay!!!

The M.P.C.P.A. is trudging along. We continue to maintain our membership and add new. As I have stated previously, the sport of PPC is on shaky ground. Everyone needs to recruit everyone they know to come along.

I know there are a lot of great shooting disciplines out there but none stress the basic fundamental of marksmanship like PPC. Plus, who else is giving away the guns our matches give away

during the winter months? And for the police, PPC is the only pistol sport which tracks and ranks police officers on the national level! So please recruit, recruit, and recruit!!!!

As I write this letter, there appears to be no Pontiac Police Carpenter Match, if anyone knows different please let us know ASAP and get the word out. ANOTHER MATCH GONE. 



The matches are going to

get tougher and tougher to host. Always adhere to the Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety. If you do not remember them, you may want to seek out and NRA firearms course in your area.

As I was saying, please be safe. It would only take one serious accident at anyone of our matches and we could loose them all. If you see anything unsafe, please bring it to the attention of the match host/range officers. It is EVERYONE’S responsibility to keep EVERYONE safe.


Be safe, shoot straight and do unto them before they do unto you!!!


Milt Williams


This years awards
















































Bad news, this year we have to purchase Distinguished and Governors “20” pins. This only occurs every 5-10 years and guess what?, This is the year.

What this means is that there is going to be slightly less funds to contribute to the awards…Don’t panic! Lori tells me she is all over it and it will work out!

Have I mentioned lately we would not have the MPCPA if it wasn’t for Lori???






laughing and having fun. After the storm passed, we headed up to the club house, to feed the hungry shooters and discovered we had no power.

   But all in all, we had a great day. This is what can happen, when you shoot outdoor PPC, my advice, bring rain gear. MPCPA Civilian       

Director,         Margie


shooting. Suddenly it was upon us. We nearly lost the tent; the targets blew off into the woods. The shooters ran to the covered 50yd line. The wind and rain was blowing so hard, it was like a mini tornado. We had no choice but to stay there and take it, we all got completely soaked. It was a great first time match, for two new shooters. We were all

   We had a great turn out at the first outdoor MPCPA match of the season, held in Howell.

 It turned out to be quite a blow. The day started out perfect, blue sky, sunshine, a perfect day to shoot. About late afternoon, the wind picked up, the sky was turning ugly, a little thunder, in the distance, the shooters wanted to finish



Canadian Corner

the form 6 and bring them along to join the fun and boost our numbers. If anyone needs any information or help please contact me and I will do what I can.

I hope to see you all this winter.


Canadian Director 



This is a reminder that with the indoor season fast approaching. Canadian shooters will need to acquire or re-new their ATF form 6. For those of you that have not yet had a form 6 don’t believe the myths that are floating around. I have had a form 6 since they were first required after 9/11 and have dealt the people at the ATF often. The process is simple and the ATF

people (unlike the Canadian Firearms Centre) are efficient, pleasant and accurate. This process takes 6-8 weeks so get it done soon and you won’t miss a match.

Sadly the number of Canadian shooters has been dropping over the last few years. If you know of a new shooter or one  who hasn’t been out in a while, get them started on